Merging Positions and Trade History

I currently have open positions displaying, with the option of adding in trade history for the listed assets, with an optional date filter. TDA defaults to the prior year if no filter is provided.

Now working on the hard part of catching it up with jVest’s rendering of a positions, open and closed. This merges them to create a holistic view, and identifies points where you are flat an underlying to end/begin a new position. If you roll options, you’ll appreciate this view, as you consider each roll to be part of a greater position, typically accumulating premium to offset the cost basis of a core position. A typical example is rolling covered calls against a stock you purchased to lower your cost basis, which in turn impacts your ongoing net profit.

Challenges include handling options expiration, exercising and assignment. The data isn’t always what you’d expect. For instance, I discovered that the transactions for SPX settlement do not include the actual option symbol being settled. It just says “SPX” and includes the net amounts.

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